Thursday, November 15, 2012

Apple's iPad Mini – A Most Awaited Apple's product has been launched

Apple's 'iPad Mini' gets a huge hit on the web. The smartphone giant launched this product on October 23, 2012 in San Jose, California. Feel buzz behind this iPad mini is that company is not looking to deduct price in spite of throat cutting competition among mini-tablet manufactures. The price range starts from $329 for 16 GB version with Wi-Fi only. To avail 16 GB version with cellular connection, you have to pay $429.

According to tech giant, iPad mini has the following features:

1 – 7.9 inches diagonally screen

2 – Resolution upto1024×768 pixels

3 - Non-retina display

4 - Replace 30-pin adapter

5 - Dual core A5 processor

6 - Available in expected disk space like 16 GB,32 GB & 64 GB

7- Face Time camera with HD quality

8- Long battery life upto 9 hours

As a revolution in iPad world, it is considered a good move by Apple to provide a little more within umbrella of tablet war. The concept of iPad mini originated form Steve Jobs’ vision about small tablet. The screen size in iPad mini is upto 7.9 inches with better resolution. It is sticking with 1024×768 resolution that makes 163 pixel per inch rather than retina display. The opinion about key features makes a strong attraction to user.

Many analysts think that it is a bad move due to price concern. User can move towards other tablet for a budget friendly deal. There is another reason that it may clash with iPhone 5. So, there would be possibility to see downfall in iPhone 5 sale after releasing iPad mini.

It is assumed that iPad mini will break all records and set a new mark for user satisfaction.So, do not waste your precious time and book iPad mini for a great user experience.

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