Thursday, June 21, 2012

A mobile App Center for Android, and iOS platform launched by Facebook

Facebook set out its mobile App center for its user within the social networking sites in the month of may. Facebook App center is recommend you not only web, but it also available on iOS and Android devices.
This App center highlights the high quality social app and supports the three platform, Android, and iOS, on the mobile web itself.  and the facebook user can browse the application itself or the application that is recently used by friends. Launching this App to comeback facebook user and stay on their site for a long period of time and helpful to connect with friend when playing a game or using a social photo services.

Facebook’s director of developer products Doug Purdy said, "By using the mobile features i.e send to mobile, user can directly send the app to web". The App center is available from the left side of the facebook navigational menu page.

This Facebook app center provides various features such as rating for the app's, provide an screen shot to the user, for download the app provide an app title, display the app yours friends etc. If you want to download the app then click directly to the app title and you will automatically go to the Apple App store or Google Play stores, where you can get it. This Apps search by category such as games, lifestyle, music, travel, sports, news etc. The list title is very familiar to the user and user can also send the current app request to his/her friend by using the bottom category list.  

We can download this app for our phone or tablet. Purdy said that it is the new way to reach the vastly facebook user's and million of facebook user played game last month. According to the company the app center launched more than 600 social app including Pinterest, Stitcher Radio, Nike+ GPS and Ubisoft Ghost Recon Commander.

U.S facebook user currently use this app and it will be available globally for all facebook user in upcoming weeks.

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