Thursday, June 2, 2011

Remix life with new iPod nano Multi-Touch

Now-a-days life is full of struggle and stress but one thing that can soothe mood and relax the human mind is music. Music is evergreen part of our life. If we get music and some more utility along with an ipod, then nothing is better than that. iPod with multi-touch is the latest technology from Apple Inc. In the world of MP3 players iPod is well known name. Now life is full of ease and fun because we do not need to carry lots of books when we go to journey, gym is full of fun etc. In short music world is in the pocket.

A quick look on iPod nano

iPod nano Design:-
A very small screen of 1.54 inch, multi-touch screen and 240 by 240 pixel resolution in a small pack. iPod nano is completely redesigned. It comes in seven different trandy colors. It has a clip on its back side that is used to clip iPod nano anywhere like on your jacket, pocket, t-shirt, bag, sleeves etc. It possess the technology that is used in iPhones and iPads. Plug iPod nano in car stereo system easily with its built-in 30-pin connector and rock the world. Its sensational tiny size is the remarkable thing.

iPod nano Features:- iPod nano has fabulous features like voice over, white on black, mono audio, music store, FM Radio, live pause, personal DJ, whole day night battery backup, shake and suffle the music etc.

Brief about all the above mentioned features:

VoiceOver:- It is the world’s first gesture-based screen reader. Music can be controlled without looking at the screen with the help of this feature. iPod speaks 29 language. Within few touch user can easily reach the favorite music.

White on Black:- For high contrast preference, iPod nano lets its users to change the display; white text on black background.

Mono Audio:- Mono Audio feature plays both stereo right and left audio channels in each ear-bud.

Browse the Music:- iPod loaded with favorite music and approximate 13 million songs can be discovered on it. It is the fastest and easiest way to build the digital music collection on your iPod nano.

Battery Power:- iPod nano's battery backup is amazing. Whole day and night play the music uninterrupted.

Shake it up:- When you are not in the mood of selecting a particular song then just shake your iPod nano and as it shuffle, the song changed automatically from your music library. You never know which song you are going to listen that amazes you.

iPod nano is booming all over the world's market. It is the best choice among music lovers. Its awe-inspiring features attract every user.

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