Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mango–WindowsPhone 7 operating system with revolutionary features

"Mango" is the code name for next Windows Phone 7 operating system. It will offer great Internet experience with smart applications and easier communication facilities. Microsoft Windows Phone was launched in Europe in October 2010 and ‘Mango’ update was announced briefly in Feb 2011. Now a first look is introduced of Windows Phone 7 Mango which is creating much curiosity among experts and users. Moreover, Microsoft has announced that Windows Phone 'Mango' will consist of over 500 features that will provide more advanced experience to its users.

As per Microsoft, 'Mango' will be free for existing users of Windows Phone. Also soon it will be available for others. Some of the features which Windows Phone 7 Mango will provide are as follows -

1.   The App connect feature connects application with search results, hubs and other marketplace. So user can access the applications within phone as well as from marketplace.

2.   Live Tiles provides more real time and dynamic content to see the latest updates. Also provide facility to update live tile.

3.   Hand free messaging facility with speech-to-text and text-to-speech

4.   Different email accounts can be combined into one inbox.

5.   Search music and Visuals by using Bing search.

6.   Multitasking and fast switching between application

7.   Support for approximately 16 new languages

8.   Supported with mobile version of Internet Explorer 9

9.   Local search support like searching for nearby restaurants, malls etc. with Bing search.

10.  Support for Hardware accelerated graphics and HTML5

11.  Support for TCP/ IP socket

Microsoft-Nokia alliance to make Windows Phone 7 as Nokia's SmartPhone platform is already a big success for both Nokia and Microsoft. Additionally, Microsoft has also announced its partnership with Fujitsu Limited, Acer and ZTE Corporations to provide new Windows Phone. So that user can have more choice with them.

Different languages like Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, Korean, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Russian and many other are supported in this update. Definitely, Windows Phone 7 'Mango' will open new markets for businesses at a global level with its support for different languages and revolutionary features.

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