Monday, May 30, 2011

Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector – Managing email accounts with ease

 Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector provides unique features to easily manage your Windows Live Hotmail account with all its objects through Microsoft Outlook. This is a free tool in Outlook which was earlier named as “Microsoft Office Outlook Connector”.  In version 12, tasks, notes access and online synchronization facility was available for MSN subscriber of paid premium accounts and in version 12.1 Windows Live Calendar is used instead of MSN calendar. Outlook Connector supports only Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003 and works with Windows 7, Vista and XP.
There are various issues which get noticed in Outlook Hotmail Connector. Some of these includes send/receive issues, junk mail detection, crash and hang situations and many more. But the good news is that Microsoft has provided a new update to deal with these issues. The version no. of this Hotmail Connector is 14.0.5139.5001 and is presented with great improvements.

Key points of updated Outlook Hotmail Connector:

  • Fixes Send / Receive issues
  • Junk email filters in Outlook will also work and synchronize between Hotmail mail server and Outlook.
  • It fixes the problems that occurred while creating a new Hotmail account to an existing profile
  • Resolve the issues of hangs and crashes during sending meetings by Hotmail Connector
  • Resolve the problems that restrict synchronization of Category property in an Outlook contact with Windows Live.
  • Fixes the issue where Windows Live contacts’ birthdays, anniversaries shifted by one day when synchronized with Outlook.
Besides the above improvements, Microsoft is continuously working to resolve more issues like Outlook Hotmail Connector does not support HTTPS Protocols.

Also, you can easily download the updated Outlook Hotmail Connector depending on the version of the Outlook which you are using.

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